A New Beginning + Giveaway!

April 6, 2014

A New Beginning + Giveaway!
It's been harder than usual to see the light gleaming in the distance, a flicker of hope. The months have been getting darker as the opportunities seem to thicken in excuses and hardships. There was a lot of panic spreading through me when I realized we had to move. At one point, I was only thinking of all of the worst case scenarios. It's hard to admit that my negativity had taken the best of me! I felt stuck, unable to move, and I continue to feel a lump in my throat that makes it hard to breath.

That was last month. This month, I'm working harder to keep my optimism up and notice all of the good things. And not just the good things that are happening in my life, but the contributions I bring to make myself (and others) happy. Depression is a tough thing to battle because you're the only one who can bring yourself out of it. I've been battling depression for many years now, always dreading the next day because I knew I had no goals or plans to look forward to. For the girl who always knew what she wanted and how to get it, it devastated me.

I would spend countless nights awake because I couldn't sleep. I would cry for made-up reasons in my head, thinking that I didn't deserve being happy or loved. I spent more time giving up than actually starting things. I started hating who I was becoming and felt beneath others.

Happiness comes from your own choice. I realize that if I choose to see the bad, it will overcome me. That's why I believe life is as dark as you make it. So, I'm giving myself a new goal in life: To focus on the good I bring, to notice the silver lining, and to cheer the hell up! Because my sadness is contagious and it spreads throughout everything I do and everyone I love. And why waste a perfect Spring day feeling terrible about yourself? It just doesn't make sense, and there needs to be a change whether I'm ready for it or not.

I moved out of my apartment and have settled into a small room with my boyfriend in hopes that our new situation will help brighten my spirits. My new roommates are fantastic and our new place is so welcoming & relaxing. I'm slowly learning to let go of anxieties and let go of my dependencies on others. I'm celebrating this new beginning today with you, my friends and readers, with a new look and a small $25 giveaway. My blog has grown so much since I first began two years ago and it's quite literally changed my life so I hope you enjoy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around and always putting a smile on my face. And I'm done ranting ... now!

Favorite Fonts // No. 3

March 6, 2014

Horses of Ares | Favorite Fonts 03
What a crazy stressful and productive week! I've been getting those a lot lately. It must be because I'm getting "old" and have more "responsibilities". I'm always working and planning out how to start my career. I'm constantly thinking about rent, buying groceries, and get this... saving money!? Someone, get me some help, please! I think I'm... growing up. Yuck.

Either way, this "grown up" loves roaming through Dribble from time to time because it's so easy to get inspired by all the really talented artists out there. It's also a neat place to find free fonts. Dekar and Glamor are worlds apart but they were made my illustrators and graphic designers with a nerdy sweet tooth for typography - that's when you know this is good stuff. Baron is also an incredible font with a unique uppercase lettering that's geometrical and new age. Enjoy.

love and hugs, adriana

Interview: Hi-Tide Band

February 27, 2014

Interview with Hi-Tide, An Indie Alternative Rock Band!
Photography by Tom Pullen

So, I'm a music junkie and I won't try to hide it. When I first heard Hi-Tide, I instantly fell for their indie rock vibe and jumped at the chance to interview them about their new single and album popping up tomorrow! Here's Alex Griffins, lead singer for the Hi-Tiders, answers. (My favorite is #9!)

01. Let's start off with a bit of history, where did you guys meet?

We all met at school. We only really formed as a four-piece at the end of year 11 though, so that was like May 2012, but nothing really got going until 2013.

02. What inspired you to make music together?

Other music I guess, we all loved listening to people’s music and playing it. There was a band in our year too who were really good and their stuff motivated us to start. It's always good to have somebody else to, not necessarily compete with but to inspire one another and motivate each other to write better songs.

03. What genre of music do you guys enjoy playing the most? What are your main influences?

We like a wide range of stuff, we only really play our own songs but we love the way that e.g. the likes of Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club, Arctic Monkeys and Foals bring something new and refreshing to British music while other artists don’t really do anything exciting.

04. Your new single, 'King Leo', is amazing! What is the song about and who wrote it?

Thank you, glad you like it! If I told you who or what it was about and they found out it might cause some issues...but yeah, it was like the first song I (Alex Griffiths) properly wrote. It was originally me with an acoustic guitar and some lyrics, then I decided to use the idea as a composition task for music A level and got the structure and some of the main riffs down, then we sort of took it as a band and rebuilt it in the studio and made it better.

05. Describe your biggest challenge as a band so far.

Balancing the band and our studies is challenging, particularly when one is miles more exciting (I’ll leave you to guess which we prefer).

06. Describe your biggest achievement as a band so far.

Our biggest achievement is probably this EP. Some of those songs have come a long way and we're excited about our new ideas too. Also, playing the Barfly as our second London gig was pretty awesome.

Interview with Hi-Tide, An Indie Alternative Rock Band!
07. What have been some of your favorite venues to play in?

Barfly was exciting but the crowd was tiny cause we were a support act. The Horn in St. Albans was pretty fun, The Cavendish Arms in London was really cool and retro, we also played on a farm for a Young Farmers party which was a right laugh (they know how to party). Also we threw our own gig with a couple of other cool acts back home in Aylesbury which was fun, we got some friends down there and there was a smoke machine...that always makes it better.

08. You guys will be releasing a debut EP titled 'She's Gone' on February 28th. What can fans-to-be expect from this EP?

People should expect diversity in pace and mood. Some bits take it easy, other bits are more intense, but it’s important to consider the tracks individually, cause they tell their own stories. "Bumblebee" is only as long as it is because I wanted to say everything I had to say, I couldn't cut any of it because it all the words were important.

09. What's your ultimate direction for your band?

We just want people to like at least one of our songs and sort of listen to that song with empathy. You like your favourite song because it pushes all the right buttons and gets you pumped, or comforts you, or brings back happy memories and emotions. We want to go into a room and conjure up an atmosphere for each song and share it all with them. We want people to lose their minds when we do and take part in this short-lived illusion that frees us from the stress of life so we can enjoy ourselves more for a moment.

10. What are some of your goals as a group for this upcoming year?

We want to push our music as far as possible and get as many people to hear it as possible. We're going to be gigging a lot in the summer after our exams and we're going to be writing a lot too. It's baby steps but we're excited and you should be too.

- - - -

Thanks a bunch, guys! So looking forward to listening to your new album tomorrow! If any of you lovelies want to download their single 'King Leo' for free, head over to Soundcloud. And get to know them better on Twitter and Facebook.

love and hugs, adriana

Six Things I've Learned About Freelancing in Six Months

February 26, 2014

Six Things I've Learned About Freelancing in Six Months!

In August of last year, I declared that I was dumping my old part-time job at the mall and jumping head-first into the freelance world as a graphic and web designer. It's been six months since I made that life-changing decision, and let me tell ya, I've learned a lot! Probably too much to stuff into one blog post so I'm starting out with only six. These are the things I've learned so far from working for myself as a freelancer: